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What Is Virtual Classroom?

When you do a search of what a virtual classroom is exactly, you come across a wide variety of definitions. Some of them relate the virtual classroom to course materials, homework, tests, and assignments that are typically used in self-paced (asynchronous) learning as well as use free video conferencing software to “teach” over video calls. However, all of these activities are external to the classroom experience. That is why the definition of a virtual classroom should be related to synchronous and interactive online learning, which happens in real time and provides the participants with an experience very close to traditional face-to-face teaching.¬†

What Is Fortis Learn Virtual Classroom Like?

Our virtual classroom is an online learning environment that allows for live interaction between the teachers and the learners as they are participating in learning activities. 

In other words, our virtual classroom is a shared online space where the learners and the teacher work together simultaneously. Usually, these interactions take place through virtual interactive whiteboard and advanced and secure video conferencing. The participants have tools to present learning content in different formats, as well as to implement collaborative and individual activities. In this type of interaction, the teacher has the particularly important role of the moderator who guides the learning process and supports group activities and discussions.

Tools You Can Find In Our Virtual Classroom


Video & audio are automatically optimized on slow connections

Online Whiteboard

Draw, highlight & collaborate with students in real-time

Conversation Mode

Optimize the screen & video chat to focus on quality conversation

Classroom Interaction

Virtual hand raise & virtual ticks make learning in a virtual classroom fun

Text Chat

Real time chat makes writing and spelling exercises easy

Private Classes

1:1 Classes for most focused private tutoring format.

Group Classes

Small group video classes with up to 4 students.

Class Recordings

Record & playback past classes and view from your devices.


Assign & manage personalized homework per student

Mobiles & Tablets

Works on Apple & Android phones & tablets


Easily schedule upcoming classes & sync with calendars

Class Review

Share past class content with student for review, whiteboard annotations & files

File & Media Sharing

Share files & media including Images, Video, Audio, PowerPoint, PDFs


Track attendance, minutes taught, talk time, past classes & more

Content Marketplace

Access to high quality learning materials and lesson plans

Why Go Virtual?

Synchronous virtual classrooms have the potential to provide significant added value to online learning by addressing the needs of the learners as they relate to social interaction and psychological safety. They can also create a new standard in the learning experience that goes above and beyond the physical space of the classroom and traditional teaching methods.

The virtual classroom provides an abundance of opportunities, especially when combined with self-study platforms (learning management systems) or when used in addition to traditional classroom learning activities. Unlike asynchronous learning environments, the synchronous virtual classroom allows for instant feedback, direct teacher-student interaction, and engaging activities to increase motivation and active participation. Immediate communication favors relationship building within the group, as well as a sense of community.

General Questions


How different is a virtual classroom to a physical classroom?

In many ways, an online classroom simply mirrors the physical classroom. In a physical classroom, the student needs to be able to see & hear the teacher, see & hear the other students, have a good view of the whiteboard and their own learning materials. In a virtual classroom, a student can see & hear the teacher via the video/audio stream. The online whiteboard allows teachers to explain ideas visually and work through exercises collaboratively.

How different is a virtual classroom to a web-conference?
An online classroom tends to have the important features of a video-conferencing tool but with additional features important for teachers.

The three key features that transform the teaching and learning experience are:

  1. Interactive online whiteboard
  2. Library of learning materials
  3. Teacher tools and controls
What is a virtual whiteboard?

A virtual whiteboard is a learning space where both teachers and students can write and interact with students in real-time via the internet.

This means teachers can access instantly any online material on YouTube videos; any learning resource; any online learning activity. Anything written on the board can be digitised, saved onto the cloud, and reviewed later.

What a student needs to prepare before enrolling?

We advise all students to have at least a simple tablet and wifi connection before enroll with us. We allow one parent to accompany each student during the virtual lesson.

How do I pay for the lessons?

You can pay for the lessons by choosing your preferred lesson package here. We accept secured online payment methods through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex. Alternatively if you wish to pay via Paynow or Paylah, please contact our administrative staff for assistance.

Can I use one account together with my friends?

We strongly encourage each student to one account, this is for our teachers to monitor and ensure quality education for each student. However, if you wish to learn together with your friends, you can refer your friends to enroll with us and each of you and your friends will get one additional lesson for free!

What if I am not able to make it for a scheduled lesson?

Online lessons can be rescheduled to an alternative date at least 12hours before the lesson is due to start. Please contact your teacher through the platform internal chat function for rescheduling.

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